The Beginning

Every good dating app story starts about how you got there. So let’s start there. It begins with the end of my relationship with my college boyfriend a year and half after graduation. I was lost in the swirl of emotions that accompany the end of a relationship with someone who you essentially learned how to be an adult with. I felt lost, confused, and honestly not really sure who I was anymore. I had put so much into that relationship that I had been too afraid to really break out of my shell and embrace life in the amazing city I lived in. Fast-forward a few months of too much Netflix and self-pity, and I was realizing that not only had that guy definitely not been the love of my life (or even a healthy relationship, for that matter), but I was ready to get back out there. After a consultation with a friend who was something of a dating app connoisseur at that point, and a quick trip to Boston to clear my head (heyyy Boston pub crawls), I delved head first into the world of Bumble.

Now mind you, I had been in a relationship for the last 3.5 years so the last time I had been single Tinder had not even existed. I had no idea what I was doing, let alone have any knowledge of all the unspoken “rules” that accompany each app. I was like a kid in a candy store, enamored with all the choices and a little unsure how to actually make a choice. As my Dad put it, I was having a little too much fun “shopping for boys.” And then the fun began (and by fun I mean the frustrating, terrifying, endlessly entertaining, and ultimately freeing adventure that ensued).

All this to say, whatever brought you to online dating – whether it was a crushing breakup like mine, because you got sick of meeting drunk people in bars, or just because you were curious what all the hype was about – I applaud you doing just about the most millennial thing you could do with your Tuesday night.

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